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Cinco Sauce®

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Crafted in Southern California, Award-Winning Cinco Sauce® is an elegant hot sauce offering pleasure in every bite.  

Cinco Sauce® is a superb combination of balanced heat and flavor that uses a blend of freshly roasted red bell peppers, spicy habaneros, garlic, and chilies.  

Creator Jim Buche believes So Cal days are best spent surfing. And after a day of riding epic waves, there’s nothing better than Baja styled fresh fish tacos with the perfect hot sauce.  Cinco Sauce® fits that bill, plus with its spicy, sweet, and smoky style it's designed to be perfectly paired with a variety of recipes using chicken, carnitas, steak, eggs, noodles, sandwiches, dips, hummus, cocktails and much more!

Cinco Sauce® adds delight to every meal, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, appetizers, dinner and all of the snacks in between.  

Scovie Award Winner

Scovie Award Winner

"Flavor and Heat robbed a bank, hot-wired a kick-assmobile and showed up in New Mexico. Hide your valuables. Cinco Sauce is in town."
- Michael L., Fan in New Mexico

Cinco Sauce® was the convergence of a lot of powerful places, food influences and ideas.  The story starts with creator Jim Buche, who developed an early love for south-of-the border flavor and spice, having grown up and lived all around the Lone Star State.  In 2002, Jim landed in Corpus Christi, Texas where he picked up a healthy surf addiction (yes, there are waves on the third coast).  In search of more waves and some new scenery, Jim moved to sunny San Diego, California.  

In San Diego, Jim, while often accompanied by his brother John, found not only excellent waves all over California and Mexico, but also a culinary education and wonderful Baja style Mexican food.  

Many of the habanero sauces in the United States, however, were just carrot and vinegar based salty heat-bombs.  So, Jim set out to make a better habanero sauce with the right balance of heat and flavor—one that would honor the numerous influences and embrace a healthy ocean lifestyle.  

After much experimentation in his Pacific Beach kitchen, with brother John as his guinea pig, Cinco Sauce® was born.  Batch No. 5 was the one that really started it all.   No. 5 was so good, it was clear that it had to happen.  Cinco Sauce® is even better tasting now after about a billion test batches—but we kept the reference to number 5 in honor of that historic awesome batch.  Perfect for a post-session taco feast!

Today, Cinco Sauce® is sold through a family business with Jim and brother John at the helm.  The company strives to provide its customers a delicious product, locally sourced with the freshest ingredients, and one that will compliment a simple, balanced and healthy lifestyle. 



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